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The World Trade Centers

This is Butch, Matt, Rena, and Dan, The basic all American family. We really enjoy the Foolmoon site! I like the Townmeeting room because we have very spirited debates about politics and american issues with many different opinions. The diverse opinions make it exciting so join me!

The good old days of racing cars.
This is back in 1986-87, That was a very good racing year for me! We finished in the top ten in the Nascar point standings and I stood on stage with the late Dale Earnhardt. This is true!!!

This is one of my favorite images
My twin won this race but I was 1 inch off his bumper. he drove my race car once and said he would never drive again! He won this race and I took second,lol.

I told this person, "you are an animal wild Bill" boy did that make waves,lol...
I didn't know what else to say and it sure felt good. I still think wild bill is a putz?

Politics always seems to get me into trouble? Thank god for the constitution. The secret service gave me a break also,lol...