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The intent of this site is to give all citizens the understanding that they do have the rights, under the constitution, to voice their opinions. Your political opinions are welcomed and encoraged.. Please get involved, It's your money!
www.foolmoon.com has a great website for many causes. The political chats in the townmeeting are as good as the games in the funhouse! I can't forget the other rooms like, The teen room, Coffee house, religion rooms, and many others. See the links for direct access!!!
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Party line politics, Will it divide the nation?
It sure seems that party line politics will play a role in the average americans future. The Senate was split 50-50 before the defection of Senator Jeffords who became an independant. This leaves the senate in the democrats control. This split and the change of control is the first in our history and is gauranteed to cause some political problems. I sure wonder what your opinion on the state of our dead locked Representatives and Senators might be??What exactly is President Bush's role?

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