World Trade Centers
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The World Trade Centers

Can we believe this happened here in the great USA?
On Sept.11th @8:30am est. The world was shocked as terrorist crashed planes into the World trade centers and the pentagon. One plane missed all the targets because of the heroic efforts of the passengers. That planed crashed in Penn. state.

757 and 767's Hit the twin towers
  The impacts on the world are very large.
The United States is building a coalition of international support against terrorism.

Look at the pictures to the right
The pictures show before and after of the World trade centers. Some call this the beginning of ww3 and some say this is just a simple terrorist act like those of the past?

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The week in review
The Week In review every friday @9pm est. at the site, TownMeeting room chats about issues like this all the time. So come and join us debate all the issues around and related to this terrorist attack as it unfolds the next days, weeks, and maybe years...

Week In Review

Before and after. The World Trade Centers.

The damages at the Pentagon are evident in this picture. I believe our response may be mutual?